In PEGASUS SOCCER CLUB , Our teams will have coaching and practices that differ somewhat from other                   clubs, as We emphasize age-appropriate skills development, and also work hard to keep practices fun and                 interesting.

      Our pledge to you and your player is to: 

      ·         Develop each individual player mentally, personally and socially

Hold ourselves and players to a high training standard

      ·         Remain both affordable and focused on quality

      ·         Recruit players who are like-minded and like-talented

      ·         Tailor the soccer curriculum to making footballers more technically, tactically, intellectually, and                              physically equipped to reach their goals

     ·          Improve game intelligence and game understanding

     ·          Use tools to advance skill sets (videos, games, team building activities)

      Our goal for both boys and girls teams is to join a competitive league, where they 
can gain experience and              advance their skills, as both individuals and teams.