Based on Our Experiences, 


   1) We believe these ages are the most critical for learning Soccer Fundamentals.  

   2) Nearly all Clubs hire inexperienced coaches for these age groups.They do not have enough                   qualified license or any license. 

   3) We will talk to Kids in their language 

   4) We believe that Teaching tools are important to remember .we will use many methods (Videos,                  Games, Team Building Work, Social activities) 

   5)  PEGASUS SOCCER CLUB is a school that teaches and coaches SOCCER 

   6)  ' TIME ' is spent teaching and coaching new things, and we pledge to plan ahead. Many 
coaches            don't have any plans and Most Clubs don't have any curriculum. 

    7)   This project is a long-term plan for 
Club . We would like to start with younger levels to coach                   them to play competitively                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                    Yigit CESUR